Recently Shah Rukh Khanshared a piece of advice with Alia Bhatt, where he suggested that she should not just stick to doing performance oriented roles but should also try her hand at commercial films like she did at the start of her career.

While speaking to Bombay Times, Shah Rukh explained why he wants Alia to explore herself as an actor, "I feel that every actor should somehow sum themselves up to know their good, bad and ugly phases. As an actor you should do everything and go wrong with it, or right with it, or find out that it was never meant to be. But you will not know unless you do it. If you notice, when an action hero suddenly does an acting role, it can turn out to be endearing. That’s why you will find an Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a ’Terminator’ and also a children’s film on Christmas day. And he looked so cute doing both the roles. Dharamji, the coolest of macho men suddenly did a comedy film like ’Pratigya’. Maybe tomorrow if Alia is offered a film like ’Umrao Jaan’ she might think that she she’s too young, too cool and can’t pull it off. But if she does take it on, I’m sure she will find an Umrao Jaan in her which she wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t done it."

Agreeing with Shah Rukh Alia said, "I am dying to. In fact, I am looking for something that’s bad. I mean in a good bad way, and if anyone is listening please offer me something like that."