The leafy vegetable is a nutritional wonder. Adding it to your pasta or salad will not enhance the taste but also provide your body with essential nutrients. Here’s why you should eat broccoli.

Good for eyes
According to several studies, the carotenoid lutein in broccoli can help prevent age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Moreover, vitamin A present in the vegetable helps form retinal, the light-absorbing molecule that is essential for both low-light and colour vision.

Regulates blood pressure
Broccoli should be a must-have for those suffering from high BP as the magnesium and calcium in the veggie helps regulate blood pressure.

Helps nervous system
Containing a high amount of potassium, broccoli helps maintain a healthy nervous system. It also helps the growth of your muscles.

For healthy bones
The high levels of calcium and vitamin K in broccoli can help you maintain strong bones and also prevent osteoporosis.

Boosts immune system
Including broccoli in your diet can help boost your body’s defence mechanism as it contains a large dose of beta-carotene and minerals, like zinc and selenium.

Detoxifies skin
Thanks to the glucoraphanin that it contains, broccoli is good for repairing skin, especially from sun damage.