A few glasses of wine can show up on your skin the next morning! Even though you are probably not endorsing an all-night drinking session, the underlying fact is that alcohol is dehydrating and it reflects on your face. Why not make it a part of your make-up from last night! Beauty professionals claim that this makeup trend is inspiring women worldwide and they swear by it. Whether it is the smudgy kohl, the bare lips or yesterday’s mascara, it makes women look effortlessly gorgeous.

How to get the look
Prep up the eyes: Beauty professional Nishi Anand says, "Apply a primer on the eyelids. This will set the base for the eye make-up. Then, use a thick kohl pencil and outline the outer and the inner eyelids. With the help of a dry brush, take a grey shade of eye shadow and smudge it on the eyes. Remember to use outward strokes while you are smudging. This will make your eyes look dreamy and will lend the ’not slept’ look. Add lots of mascara to complete the look."

Nude bare lips to complement the look : When you go heavy on the eyes, the trick is to keep the lips neutral. Anand suggests using a nude shade of lippy, if you really want to fill in the lips. She says, "The best way to keep the lips looking natural is going without a lipstick. However, if you have dark lips and would like to hide it, choose a peachy nude or a baby pink shade of lipstick. You can also smudge the lipstick a bit, to make it look ah-so-dreamy."

Add blush for drama: Bring life back to your face by applying a tinted moisturiser all over and pat dry. Take a blush in shades of brown or peach and lightly dust it off on your cheekbones. Make sure that the colour is even on both sides. Now, slightly rub your cheeks and spread the tint.