Education forms the most important part of one’s childhood, and to deprive children of it is like preventing a calf of their mother’s milk. Dickson Das, a student of social entrepreneurship from TISS, believes in education as one of the powerful means of empowerment, and looks at it as a force that can make a huge difference in the society.

In a particular area of North Karnataka, the availability and the reach of education are miserable, sadly resulting in student drop outs and low grades. This lowers the potential of students and stops them from tapping into it, fully, due to lack of opportunities. With an aim to provide education to these children, Dickson Das began his venture, ViREd. The organization aims to seek partnership with stakeholders and NGO’s to further help the cause along with providing good quality education to these children. ViREd is aiming to raise the quality of education of the schools in this region for their brighter future. The extensive use of experimental and e-learning, design thinking and other tools and techniques, will further be helpful in educating the children academically. This will also inculcate the best set of morals and values in them.

With the valuable support of schools, parents, government, and children, ViREd, with the help of crowd funding platform Impact Guru, is focusing towards the goal of setting up operations and infrastructure in some of these schools with the funds received. We urge you to help us be able to assist and work with those children who have not been able to clear their 10th standard examinations, and dream of touching the sky. With sufficient amount of funds, we will be able to help these children despite the marginal culture they belong to, and allow them to fulfill their far-fetched dream.

About Impact Guru

Impact Guru offers a complete crowdfunding solution that combines social or donation crowdfunding, rewards crowdfunding for individuals, nonprofits, social enterprises, or startups for all their fundraising needs - be it small or large. The company was incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab’s Venture Initiation Program in USA in 2014 and PACT at Impact Hub in Singapore in 2015. Impact Guru has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and San Francisco.